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Move Mania

Smash old habits and build healthier new ones together this term with the Move Mania Challenge!


What is the Move Mania Challenge?

The Move Mania Challenge is a five day challenge that encourages families to walk, cycle, scoot or even rollerblade to or from school while completing fun, activities and games that are designed to get families talking and feet moving.

How do I join the Move Mania Challenge?

The Move Mania Challenge is free to join. All we ask is that you complete a few questions about the players in your party and provide us with an email address as this helps us to evaluate the resource's usefulness. This information will not be shared with anyone outside Hartlepool Sport.


Once you have done this, the resource will be available for you to download and save/print off. However, we do ask that you do not share it with family and friends, but rather you encourage them to sign up too so we can continue to create free resources in the future.

What if I want to keep the challenge going after five days?

Brilliant, keep going! Inside the resource you will find a list of activity ideas to help keep you motivated and a month long tracker so you can keep tracking your activity streak, long after the five days. 

We will also be awarding spot prizes for players that get involved and comment on our social media channels or email us photos of them completing the activities and games. 

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