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For over 40 years the Hartlepool sports council has been identifying talented athletes and supporting them with small grants and hosting an annual awards ceremony. 

This committee is made up of representatives from local clubs, local Councillors and reps from the local authority. The PFC Trust / Hartlepool Sport convene, facilitate and provide the funding but it is the elected committee that decide on all grants and award winners. 

Clubs are able to access Athlete Bursaries and Community Fund Micro Grants and to make nominations to the Annual Awards.

2023 Committee

  • Dave Kilner (Hpool Indoor Bowls) – Chair

  • Adam Brooks (Manilla) – Secretary, Shadowed by Dr Natalie Connor

  • Carl Jorgeson (Hpool Wadokai/Hpool Sport) - Treasurer (interim)

  • Dave Mathwin (Phoenix Kickboxing)

  • Guy Taylor (TASS)

  • Howie Murray (Hpool Rugby Club)

  • Bob Clouston (Hpool Motor Club)

  • Dan Garthwaite or Paula Carroll (HBC)

  • Councillor Sue Little

  • Councillor Gary Allen

  • Councillor Pamela Hargreaves

Annual Awards

Each year the Sports Council host an Annual Awards, to help celebrate the success of the town sports clubs and athletes. 

The 2023 awards took place at Hartlepool College of Further Education on Wednesday 29th November.

Take a look at the 2023 Awards highlight video here

Take a look at recent winners here.

Sports training

Athlete Bursaries

The fund aims to give assistance to talented sports people within Hartlepool. It is intended for people who are gifted in their chosen sport to enable them to compete at the highest level and to help achieve their maximum potential.

Applicants competing at a regional, national and international level will be eligible to apply for funding support for the following:

  1. Travel expenses

  2. Coaching fees

  3. Specialist equipment

  4. Sports kit

  5. Competition fee


This fund will re-open early 2024. 

Sports Team

Community Fund

How much can you apply for?

Individual Grants of £75 to £500 are available with most grants being up to £100. Clubs and School members can apply for more than one individual.


Use of this funding

The types of activity that might be funded could include:

  • Hardship funding support

  • Funding for community groups to find new ways of keeping our target audience active in this period

  • Offering advice and training support

  • Increasing resilience, capacity, and capability of delivery bodies



Projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Impact on at least one of the four priority groups:

    • Lower Socio-economic Groups

    • BAME Communities

    • People with Disabilities

    • People with Long Term Conditions

This fund will re-open early 2024. 

Young Gymnast
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