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Walk into Wellness

What is Walk into Wellness?


Walk into Wellness is a partnership comprised of the best walking providers from the community, voluntary, health and statutory sectors across Hartlepool. Their aim is to encourage more people to walk and experience the benefits that being outdoors and walking can have on physical and mental health issues. 

How do I find a walking group near me?

Whether ability, cost, day/time, locale or interest is your top priority when deciding on which walking group to join, there is something for everybody - even if that means not joining a group at all and going it alone on a self-guided walk! 

Have a look at the descriptions of the Walk into Wellness partners below to find out a little bit more about them to help you choose a walking group that is right for you. 

What other walking opportunities are there in Hartlepool?

Walking Groups are not the only way to up your step count or be part of a community. Self-guided walks are a great way to explore undiscovered places right on your doorstep or you could join a Walking Sports Group and try your hand at a new sport or rekindle your love for an old favourite. Walking Sports are the same games, played at a slower pace. 

Self-guided Walks and other Walking Sports

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